Rooms101feedback from the services of promotional travel company; is an international affiliate for the largest hotel and travel portal. is a promotional travel website offering vacation packages at the Internets lowest prices. Promotional travel typically involves the traveler attending a no obligation presentation in exchange for a heavily discounted vacation.

Here’s what Kim Crum had to say about her experience booking with

I traveled with Rooms101 to Tennessee. My experience with Rooms 101 was great. I dealt with Josh Williams at Rooms 101 and he was extremely helpful. We stayed in a beautiful cabin at Pigeon Forge over Labor Day Weekend. I would recommend Rooms101 to everyone. I especially would recommend you deal with Josh. He accommodated my family and I with exactly what I had requested. Rooms101 was GREAT!!!!
by Kim Crum
Rooms101 Customer

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  1. admin says:

    Thank you Kim Crum for sharing your experience with booking a vacation through rooms101. Glad to hear that your Pigeon Forge cabin was beautiful!

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